Each month, we introduce and discuss a new monthly. The theme is spoken about during morning assembly and our students also complete a culminating activity related to the themes on a monthly basis.

The theme for the month of June is Faithfulness

The desert Arabs say, ‘We have faith.’ Tell them, ‘You do not have faith. What you should say instead is, “We have submitted,” for faith has not yet entered your hearts. – Sura al-Hujurat, no.49, verse 14
Faith is believing with the heart that there exists a Creator who brought us into this world and to whom we will return. He created us for a purpose and sent us Divine guides to help us in the journey of life on earth. When we return to Him we will give account for our deeds and receive the consequences of our deeds, good or bad. Faith is different from just accepting Islam. It is deeply rooted in the heart and nothing can move it.
Faith is manifested on the tongue and the body. All actions carry value when they stem from faith. Without faith, actions are hollow and fleeting. Faith gives them an inner substance that lasts forever. Thus faith is the most essential quality for success in the eyes of God. Faith also gives inner peace and tranquility as the nature of the human being is naturally inclined towards it. It feels at rest when there is peace and virtue in the heart and is disturbed when there is a lack of faith. Without faith, life and all its challenges become meaningless.
There are degrees of faith. There are people with weak faith who are quick to doubt and question God. There are those who may be in the middle.They have faith but are not very strong when it comes to challenges and obstacles to practising faith. Then there are those who are strong and determined in their faith. They are not afraid of showing their faith and practising it. They are proud of their identity as faithful believers in Allah. Although people may fluctuate between these levels, believers should try to constantly rise to higher levels of faith. This can be done by inspiring oneself, learning more about true Islam, and turning to Allah continuously for help.
Imam Ali (a) is known as Amir al-Mu’minin, the Chief of the faithful. He was exemplary in his strong faith and his determination to only serve Allah. His teachings and stories from his life continue to inspire his followers to higher levels of faith in Allah.

Author: Sister Tahera Kassamali.