Each month, we introduce and discuss a new monthly. The theme is spoken about during morning assembly and our students also complete a culminating activity related to the themes on a monthly basis.

The theme for the month of May is Compassion

Indeed Allah is most compassionate and merciful towards people.

Sura al-Baqarah, no.2, verse 143

Almighty Allah is Merciful and Compassionate to His creatures. He is Just and will treat everyone according to what they deserve. But He is also compassionate. That means His justice is tempered with mercy and kindness. Human beings are weak creatures and if they are given only justice from Allah they would be in a sorry state. Thus we ask Him to not only treat us with justice but to go beyond that and treat us with grace and compassion.
Allah’s compassion can be seen in His willingness to forgive us, in His inviting us to ask Him and His promise to answer. He rewards us ten times for one good deed while an evil deed is only taken as one deed. He assists and strengthens those who have faith. All throughout life on earth, human beings are surrounded by His mercy and compassion so the path towards Him becomes easier.
Human beings must reflect God’s names. If we believe in a compassionate God, we must also be compassionate to others. We don’t only treat them as they deserve. Rather, we act kindly and mercifully to others. We can overlook, pardon, forgive, return good for evil, etc. All this is done with faith and the desire to reflect God’s qualities.
Prophet Muhammad (s) was an excellent example for us in his compassion for others. The Quran explains this; Certainly a Messenger has come to you from among yourselves; grievous to him is your distress, he has deep concern for you; to the believers (he is) compassionate, merciful (9:128). The Prophet (s) taught us that compassion for others is a natural result of love for others. It is a quality that we should have towards all human beings.

Author: Sister Tahera Kassamali.